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Managing high-profile athletes and their brands before, during, and after their professional careers.

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Team C3 LLC-Sports Management specializes in managing high-profile athletes and their brands before, during, and after their professional careers.

With a focus on PR, Marketing, and Brand Strategy. We leverage our clients’ talents to help them develop multifaceted careers while building world-class brands and partnerships on and off the field.

Life After Football

At C3 Sports Management, we champion the rights and well-being of athletes, establishing ourselves as a pivotal force within the industry by guiding retired NFL players through the intricacies of both the NFL and NFLPA systems to maximize their benefits. Recognizing the significant challenges faced in “Life After Football,” our approach is rooted in a profound understanding of the transition athletes undergo upon retirement.

We hold the conviction that quality of life transcends all, which is why we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive system, augmented by a network of esteemed physicians, practitioners, and resources. We aim to support players and their families on their path to recovery, ensuring they receive the guidance and care necessary for a fulfilling life post-retirement.

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The Off The Field Game

Case Management

Case management for athletes is a systematic approach to managing the various aspects of an athlete's career and personal life. This involves coordinating services and resources to address the athlete's specific needs, challenges, and goals. Key components include career development, health and wellness support, financial planning, and legal assistance. This entails continuous assessment and planning to ensure all strategies are aligned with the athlete's objectives.
Whether it's optimizing performance, recovering from injury, navigating contractual negotiations, or planning for life after sports.Effective case management aims to provide holistic support, enabling athletes to focus on their performance while ensuring their well-being and future prospects are actively managed. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a successful, balanced, and fulfilling career and personal life for the athlete.
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NFL player management encompasses a comprehensive suite of services and strategic guidance tailored to professional football players' unique needs and challenges. This multifaceted approach aims to support athletes in maximizing their career potential, both on and off the field, while ensuring their personal and financial well-being throughout their playing career and beyond.Key aspects include contract negotiation, ensuring players maximum benefits reflective of their skills.
Player management helps athletes to build and maintain a positive public persona, capitalize on endorsements, and extend their influence within their sports industry. This can involve educational opportunities, career transition support, and mental health resources, acknowledging the challenges associated with the transition out of professional sports. The ultimate goal is to empower NFL players to achieve success and a rewarding and fulfilling life after football.
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Crisis Management

Crisis management in the context of professional athletes involves strategic planning and response to protect an athlete's reputation and career. This process encompasses identifying potential threats, preparing for various scenarios, and implementing immediate and effective actions to mitigate negative impacts. It's about maintaining control of the narrative, offering timely and appropriate communication, and leveraging media relations to ensure accurate representation.
Effective crisis management also includes post-crisis strategies to rebuild and strengthen the athlete's public image, ensuring lessons are learned and similar issues are prevented in the future. The aim is to safeguard the athlete's brand, preserve professional opportunities, and uphold public trust, thereby ensuring their career remains on a positive trajectory despite unforeseen challenges.
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Brand Strategy

Player brand strategy involves the deliberate planning and execution of actions to build and enhance an athlete's personal brand. This strategy focuses on identifying and leveraging the unique traits, values, and strengths of the athlete to create a distinct and memorable identity in the public eye. It encompasses various elements, including social media presence, public relations efforts, community involvement, and partnerships with brands that align with the athlete's image and goals.
The objective is to not only increase the athlete's visibility and marketability but also to establish a lasting legacy that transcends their sports career. A well-crafted player brand strategy helps athletes connect with fans on a deeper level, opens up new opportunities for endorsements and collaborations, and contributes to their financial stability and influence within and beyond their sport.
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Managing a player through the NFLPA involves navigating the resources, benefits, and support provided by the National Football League Players Association to optimize an athlete's career and life post-football. This includes leveraging the NFLPA for fair contracts, accessing health and welfare benefits, and utilizing career transition and continuing education programs. It's about strategically utilizing NFLPA programs to enhance an athlete's finances, health, and career longevity.
This includes advocacy for player rights, ensuring proper representation and maximizing opportunities for growth both on and off the field. The goal is to ensure players are well-prepared for their careers in football and equipped for success in their lives after the game, making the most of the union's support to secure their personal and professional futures.
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Financial Strategies

Financial strategies focus on ensuring athletes manage their considerable earnings wisely for long-term financial security. This encompasses budgeting, investment planning, and wealth management, tailored to the unique aspects of an athlete's career, such as its potentially short span and the risk of fluctuating income.Key strategies include diversifying income sources through investments and endorsements, setting up retirement savings plans, and planning for taxes efficiently.
It's also crucial to safeguard assets with appropriate insurance coverages.Moreover, financial strategies for athletes often emphasize education on financial literacy to empower them in making informed decisions about their wealth. The goal is to ensure that athletes not only maintain a comfortable lifestyle during their playing days but also secure their financial future well beyond their active sports career.
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Player Partnerships

Player partnerships refer to strategic alliances between athletes and brands, organizations, or other entities, aimed at mutual benefit. These partnerships typically involve the athlete endorsing a product, service, or cause, leveraging their public image and following to drive awareness, engagement, and sales for the partner while simultaneously enhancing their own brand and marketability.Effective player partnerships are carefully selected to ensure the athlete's values, and the partner's goals.
This alignment ensures authenticity, which is crucial for the partnership's success and credibility in the eyes of the public.Beyond commercial endorsements, player partnerships can also encompass collaborations on community initiatives, philanthropic efforts, or the development of branded products. These partnerships not only offer financial rewards but also provide athletes with platforms for positive impact, further personal brand development, and deeper connections with their audience.
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Legal management involves overseeing all legal aspects related to an athlete's career, ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and contractual obligations. This encompasses contract negotiations, ensuring terms are favorable and legally sound, intellectual property rights protection, and navigating endorsements and sponsorships agreements. Additionally, legal management addresses dispute resolution, including mediation or litigation if disputes arise with teams, leagues, or sponsors.
It also covers personal legal matters that may impact an athlete's career, such as estate planning and addressing any legal challenges that arise.The goal is to safeguard the athlete's professional interests, minimize legal risks, and provide guidance on legal opportunities and challenges, ensuring a stable and successful career trajectory.
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Health & Wellness

Health and wellness encompasses a comprehensive approach to maintaining peak physical condition, mental health, and overall well-being. This involves personalized fitness regimens, nutrition plans, injury prevention strategies, top-tier medical care, including physical therapists, psychologists, and specialists.The focus extends beyond just immediate health concerns to include long-term wellness planning, ensuring athletes can enjoy a high quality of life during and after their sporting careers.
Strategies for stress management, mental resilience training, and life balance are integral, recognizing the intense pressures and demands faced by athletes.The aim is to support athletes in achieving optimal performance levels while minimizing the risk of injury and ensuring their long-term health and happiness. By prioritizing health and wellness, athletes can extend their careers, enhance their performance, and ensure they remain healthy and well for years to come.
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